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Our Physicians

CAA physicians are committed to providing state-of-the-art anesthesia and pain management services.

Our physicians complete at least three years of anesthesia training following medical school. Our team is comprised of board certified or board exam eligible anesthesiologists. In anesthesia we provide service to patients; before, during and after surgery.

We are skilled at treating medical problems related to a particular surgery, as well as, chronic or emergency situations that may arise during surgery.

We believe in continued education and awareness of advancements in the industry. Many of our physicians have completed advanced anesthesia training in specialties such as:


Cardio Thoracics


Intensive Care


Careers with CAAMG

CAA looks for quality physicians that share the same commitment to delivering quality care and assurance to patients. We want our providers to find fulfillment in their professional careers. Realizing our providers define CAA, we take great care in creating a culture of integrity, teamwork, and respect.

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